Our story started in 2017 when we came across fashion designers who were telling us about the hardships of the industry for independent designers. The fashion world is indeed strongly dominated by established names and established ways of consuming fashion.

We work exclusively with emerging and independent designers. We carefully select designers, artisans & artists with fabulous potential from all around the world. Our designers offer new styles deserving to be exposed to the world. We enhance their development, assist in organising events & social networking.

Pure Labels wants to contribute to a fashion revolution where everyone could reinvent themselves through unique clothes, jewellery, accessories.


After having a store in the heart of London in Notting Hill for couple of years, we believed it was the right time for us and our talented designers to start a new adventure in a very promising location: Dubai. Dubai presents incredible opportunities for fashion. It plays an important role as the Middle East’s window to the fashion world, supported by world-class malls offering a top-end customer experience.

Since March 2021, you can now find Pure Labels in Gate Avenue Mall in Dubai International Financial Centre.

Looking for more info about joining Pure Labels? Drop us an email at info@purelabels.co.uk